Tuesday, May 18, 2010

True Heroes.

I was recently reading a blog about a lady that suffers from Bipolar Disorder. She made the comment that she believed that Satan had given her this torment. This was my comment to her.
“I actually disagree with you about why we have disorders or any other handicap. I obviously don’t think God gave them to us, but I don’t think Satan did either—he can’t.
I believe we chose them. Why would we choose them? Different reasons, why do we volunteer for anything that is hard? Why do we challenge ourselves? Why do we want to learn at all? I think that some of us (me not being one of them) were too strong, too bright, too brave in heaven—the heaven where we come from. I think that God asked for volunteers among those brave ones, and they raised their hands and said, “I will do it.” “I will come to earth and live with a handicap, because I can do it, I will endure it, will survive.” I believe that these brave ones did it, so the hardship didn’t fall on the rest of us
I have members of my family who were among those, who chose this in heaven; and I believe I signed up to help them, because I knew then that they were overachievers that always get in way over their head. So here I am… telling them that reality is very different from what they see—and that they need to trust me when I tell them, that they are great!”
I am certain that one day we will see them, and they will no longer be burdened by their challenges—whatever they were in life—and we will be able to see with awe how truly great they are. Our standing in the next life might just be more enjoyable if we can learn to treat those with disabilities with the dignity and respect they deserve.

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