Wednesday, August 24, 2011

You Will Be Assimilated

I didn't post on the 22nd because I was having technical difficulties.  So late, as always, I'm posting today on this most awesome blog tour. 
I got into Star Treck when I was in college and by then The Next Generation was in full swing.  While I have to admit to knowing all those episodes by heart I have to say that TNG is not my favorite.  After watching all the Star Trecks ever made (a few times) I have to say that Voyager is my all-time favorite.  Why? The Borg and Seven of Nine. 
I loved her journey into humanity and her blunders as she tries to find her way back into de-assimilation. 
I also love how the metaphor of a whole culture being created by recruiting drones that all think alike. That is perhaps the main reason why I don't have cable and watch all my T.V. via Netflix! me paranoid or crazy...I don't care.  But I will NOT BE ASSIMILATED!

  Who is your favoite Star Treck Character?


  1. Oh you are speakin' my language!! Only one? From Voyager it was Chakotay. Star Trek The next generation it was Data or spot his cat.

    I loved Seven of Nine too. :) My hubby says I am a major dork, he just doesn't 'get' Star Trek

  2. I have not thought about Star Trek in YEARS!!
    Believe it or not, I did not even see the remake.

    New follower from Its A Moms World

  3. Welcome, to all new followers! And Mandie, you and I babe can be dorks together.

  4. I grew up on Star Trek, first I had a crush on Dr. Spock, then I favored Data and, although I like TNG, it had more talk and less action than all of the other Star Trek spin-offs. I find the characters in Voyager to be the most developed and I harbor a secret crush on Chakotay. I am really fascinated by the Borg, how interesting the whole concept of a people with one collective thought is.


  5. It's funny, because I think they intended Lt. Paris to be the "hunk" of the show but most women ended up going for middle-aged Chakotay! I liked him too. I also found Captain Janeway to be the perfect captain, strong but feminine as well.