Monday, February 13, 2012

The Spirit of an Addict

I've been mourning Whitney Houston for years now. And as a Speculative Christian Fiction writer, I've been pondering the plight that this particular topic brings up.

I echo the same condolences that I've been reading all over the blogging world. Whitney Houston's end can only be described as one thing: Tragic.
Everyone knew it was coming, but this doesn't make it any less terrible and sad.

It seems that her 'one moment in time', where she was all that she could be, was cut extremely shot by her addictions.

I believe in life after death. I also believe that the way we exit this world is the way we enter the next.

So indulge me with a little speculative discussion.

How does an addict behave when he or she no longer has a body?

What controls the craving, the mind or the flesh?

If the mind controls the craving, how do you think one can get over an addicting substance?

If the body is addicted, but not the mind, then is he or she free?

I have my opinions, and you'll get to read all about them in the  book that I'm currently writing, Endless. But right now I'm curious about your opinions. Feel free to comment below.


  1. I'm so upset about her death, Silvina, that I can't even think straight. Some people are easily mislead for whatever reason. And I can't hep but blame her ex-husband for leading her down this path. Maybe it's wrong of me to think like that, but I feel it.

    I think she is free now and can be who she was meant to be....A beautiful, generous kind and loving person with the voice of an angel.

  2. I can only say that I hope it is the body that controls the craving and that she is free of that now, but deep down I think it might be both.

  3. Maybe it's a sweet release from the angst and tumult to get them ready for another chance to overcome the addictive qualities of their physical body experience. Kind of a 'breather' of sorts...before coming back and trying again. Taking the better from this life to aid them in the next.

    Or maybe it is just a role to play in another spirit's growth. Be it motivation on this side of the veil of someone who truly wants to sing, or someone to identify with in order to help them in some of those things planned before they got here to help someone else (or in her case, many many others, being in the spotlight.

    I don't think that the addiction has room on the other side of the veil though. Just the desire and hunger for more experience and knowledge. I can only speculate, though...

  4. @Cidny, I'm with you. I blame her ex-husband too, just from what one could glean form the tabloids. And she does sing like an angel, when I listen to her, that is the first thing that I can think of--angel.
    @Jen, I hope she and countless others are free as well. But I can't help wonder at what point does the mind get involved in addiction. So many people have given up addiction and they say that will-power had more to do with it than detox.
    @Christine, I hope that she has in some way inspired people. I know she touched my life through her talent. Her voice alone, is proof to me that there is a God.

  5. I believe that addictions are in the physical body (brain, not spirit). I believe the spirit suffers from the addictions of the physical body in that it has been made subject to the noxious effects of addiction and its progression (of the spirit, that is) is halted. I believe that death is a welcome relief for the spirit from the entrapment in a body that is no longer functional without the stimuli of drugs. I believe that spirit will struggle for a while with the effects of its halted progression while in mortality, but I don't believe that its struggle will be endless. I hope that the Atonement of Jesus Christ will apply in healing that spirit from any wounds, and be allowed to continue progressing. I believe Whitney Houston is now free from Bobby Brown, who was the worst mistake she ever made. And she is free from a body that would not respond to the will of the spirit. Either way, she wins :)

  6. What a beautiful thought Wendy! I'll have to chew on that for a while.