Wednesday, June 13, 2012

 What is it about the Twilight movies that we love to complain about, yet run to the theaters to watch?
Is the fact that it looks a bit like a home-made movie, thus making it seem more real? 
Is it the good acting?
Or the story, that makes you want to re-live every moment of it right along with a room full of strangers?
For me, it was a little of all the above plus Stephenie's pluck at putting her money where her keystrokes have been, and producing it. 
I love the fact that she's now producing other movies, like the upcoming Austenland.
Look at who's directing it, Jerusha Hess, as in (Napoleon Dynamite's) Jerusha Hess! 
I, for one, am in! 
Napoleon Dynamite meets Twilight ...
Now that sounds like a good movie!!!!


  1. Yep it was a good story. It's exiting to see where she's going now. It looks as if she's taking to producing movies, which is interesting.