Saturday, April 24, 2010

Goose bumps

I love to hear stories that give you goose bumps, or that make the hairs on the back of your head stand on end.
More importantly I love to have those for myself. Not the creepy kind, the nice kind--like when I was sixteen and balling my head off in my bedroom because of some teenage drama that I can't even remember now. But what I do remember was the experience I had.
I was miserable, so I prayed. I wasn't kneeling, I was sitting on my bed in the fetal position, I had let loose and was sobbing like a mad woman--but still prayed.
Then I felt a hug.
I stopped sobbing and all my senses became keener. I strained my hearing and opened my eyes, expecting to see my mom there next to me.
But no... . I was alone.
By now I couldn't cry anymore and I tried to recall exactly what it was that I had just felt. It was a hug, a very real tangible hug--brief yes, but a hug none-the-less. I cannot deny it nor will I ever.

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  1. Wow! That is a cool story, Silvina. I don't think you'd told me that one before.

    ANd WOWOWOWOWWOW!!! Your blog is awesome. So excited that you launched it!! And honored that I am your very second follower. Hurray!!