Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jen's near death experience and spiritual journey.

About a year ago I had a liver cyst rupture and I almost bleed to death on my bathroom floor. I knew I was dying. I almost did die right in front of my 14 year old daughter. I had a near death experience in the hospital, I saw my Father in the emergency room, he has been dead for ten years now, I saw him come into the emergency while I was laying there deathly ill, I had been at the hospital emergency for about six hours waiting to see a Doctor and slowly bleeding to death which they hadn't yet figured out. My Dad looked good and just as I remembered him with his long beard and ponytail but he was different, he did look younger and healthier he was whole now. He didn't speak to me but he did communicate to me through body language and compassionate loving facial expressions and feelings, It was very comforting to see my Dad and it helped me. It seemed so normal and natural to see him sitting in the room with me. After my surgery I saw many other people on the other side. They were all around us in the hospital room. They are always with us. I had a nurse to my side whom only I could see, she was moving energies in my liver. I could could see her in my minds eye when I closed my physical eyes, I could see others this way too. I saw a black tunnel begin to materialize, I was so cool with it and I told nobody. I remember the feeling of total surrender and no resistance, I felt peace, no fear or attachment to this physical world.
The tunnel quickly disappeared. And I lived.
This is just a brief account of what I experienced. Now that I think about it, I have quite a few mystical experiences in my life. I think of them as little gems or gifts, they guide me and heal me. They polish the mirror of my soul.


  1. Wow. This is incredible, Jen. I didn't know you had a near death experience. How moving it must have been to go through something like that and survive with direct knowledge of the afterlife. Thank you so much for sharing this story with us, Jen and Silvina. And I thank God that you (Jen) were able to stay with us on this side for a while longer. You are a wonderful person and have added so much light to my life.

  2. It is amazing how so many of these experiences are similar. I will later share an experience that my grandmother Elsa had. She has passed now, but before that she had a chance to choose life... again.