Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Silvina harvested her first Love Potato on Framville today

Blogging is not the only way I shamelessly promote my book. Facebook, Twitter, and a slew of other networking things are great ways of promotion. Not just for books, but for everything!
I know some of you get annoyed when someone tries to push their business on you while you are trying to shoot the breeze with your long lost elementary school friends, and your second cousin twice removed—but it happens.
It smells a little bit of telemarketing, you may say. But such is life, you find a way to reach a large number of people for free and WHAM! You get someone trying to sell you something or…in my case, trying to promote something. 
Bragging, promoting and even selling on Facebook, I get. What I don’t get is Farmville and Fronteerville (I didn’t even know about the latter until a few days ago). Perhaps someone should educate me on those things and their obscure messages.
I’m inclined to bet that half the people that post from Farmville have no idea what’s going on, or that they are doing it.
Just the other day I was in a hurry. I was checking my e-mail right before starting school (always a bad idea), and I made the mistake of leaving my Facebook page open on the desktop. I walked away and got my kids started on their math, and forgot all about the computer and leaving that page open.
Later I saw my three year old banging on the computer keyboard and all kinds of things popping up on Facebook as she did so. One of those things was an invitation to Fronteerville. Time seemed to slow down as her little hand was suspended above the keyboard and she smiled at me knowingly.
I told her to “Step away from that computer”, but that only seemed to confirm to her what her next move should be. I ran to the computer as her hand lowered one more time, but it was too late!
I desperately tried undo the damage, but there seemed to be no way out. There was no decline button, no escape at all from Fronteerville. There were only two choices, accept or enter. I clicked the X and got out of Dodge—hopefully for good.
So now, you should thank me. Because you will not be seeing any cryptic Fronteerville entries from me—only my shameless book promoting!

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