Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hook Lines, Book Covers and Potty Training.

(still a work in progress, but almost done!)

As women we are expert multi-taskers. We can wipe a butt, think of a cool hook line and muse on the shade of our upcoming book cover all at the same time! No big deal!
Sure, we get a little frazzled in the process, but it's all part of life.

I often wonder how many books I could boast of if I had no potty training to worry about, or didn't have to stop and teach my son decimals all while trying to keep a clean house and my carpet puppy urine free!

I imagine, none.

When I first started writing I felt that life got in my way. But now I realize that if it wasn't for my life I would have nothing to write about.

My crazy life is my inspiration and I am Thankful for it!


  1. You are a very cool woman:) I like the cover!

  2. Shaun Thinks It sounds Interesting, he hasn't heard this take before:)

  3. Thanks Jen! It is a unique story, that's for shure. There are lots of Ghost stories, but no "unembodied" spirit stories...that I know of.

  4. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the cover, Sil!!! It is SO beautiful!!!!!!