Monday, March 17, 2014

Life: Our Grace Period

I was privileged to participate in the youth lesson at church yesterday. The topic was Grace. Something, I have to admit, I seldom think about.
The teacher asked the class what Grace was. One of the girls said that when she thought of Grace, she thought of the term "grace period". She continued to explain that a grace period was extra time to study for a test, or more time allowed to finish something unfinished.
I thought this comparison was brilliant!
Isn't this life a grace period, where we are allowed to come to earth and be tested?
God was gracious enough to give us this opportunity to experience mortality and test the waters of our conscience. Thanks to His grace we are redeemed when we fall out of grace. Through His graceful sacrifice we can hope to live again.
The Spanish word gracias  and gratis comes from the Latin root word gratus. These words mean thank you and free.
His grace most certainly frees us and I for one, am most grateful. Cool Pin!

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