Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Moving On

ENDLESS is out and doing well. It's so nice to hear that it's being well received! I really should send some copies out to reviewers, but I'm finding myself lazy. Oh well... I'll get to it, I'm sure like I'll get to my Homeschool room closet, or my own closet for that matter. I guess I'd rather Pin ideas about getting organized than actually doing the organizing.

I did do one productive thing last night! And that was giving my Blog a new look! There was nothing wrong with my old one, but I guess that part of the reason why I find it hard to write is because my life is three dimensional. Writing is just one aspect of my life, one that actually just takes bout two hours of my day! The rest of my time is filled with cooking, cleaning, homeschooling, working out, homesteading and (as of late) crocheting! So I thought that this new look would be more fitting to the many different aspects of my life.

So, I hope you enjoy my blog's new look, as I enjoy my current view from my computer: The turkeys, the new lambs and the sunlight that filters through the rafters of my back porch! What a beautiful sight!

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