Monday, June 27, 2011


    Apparently, you can die more than once.  At least that's what happened to a woman in Russia.
  According to a report on Fox News  ,  a woman in Russia was pronounced dead and while her relatives were holding an open casket vigil, she woke up screaming, shocked by the fact that she was at her own funeral.  This shocked her so much that she ended up having a heart attack and dying...again!  This time for good. 
This story actually was not the first one of it's kind I've heard of.  There's this urban legend in Argentina that surrounds this Beattles-like rock band from the seventies called Sui Generis.  The lead singer Charlie Garcia, wrote a song about a girl who suffered from a rare illness that made her go into a death like coma. 
The story I heard said that she would come out of this coma after a few days, but one time she did not and eventually doctors pronounced her dead.  She was buried, but at her funeral her boyfriend (Charlie Garcia) heard her sream. 
No one believed him, but eventually he had the body exhumed.  When they opened the coffin they found her indeed dead, but...the lining of the coffin was ripped to shreds from the inside and fragments of the fabric found in ther hands. 
This is the song he wrote.  It's called "Rasguna Las Piedras" (Clawing the Rocks)


  1. Isn't that so creepy? That would be horrible. I'm surprised with modern technology that it could still happen. Not encouraging.

    It used to be such a problem that they would put bells up at the top of the grave that ran down into coffin. If the person wasn't really dead and woke up buried, s/he could tug on the string and ring the bell to be dug up. I understand the term "saved by the bell" comes from that.

  2. Or Dead Ringers! I've heard that, we should re-instate it!

  3. Oh my. I'm going to have nightmares tonight. LOL. I'm following you now!

  4. OOoooo, that is so creepy! Both stories but especially the girlfriend one. *chills*

  5. I had this book in high school called "Strange Stories and Amazing Facts" it was filled with stuff like this. SO cool :D

  6. I've heard that stories like that caused laws to be drawn up requiring embalming--partly to ensure the person was dead.


  7. I loved the U-Tube clip promoting "Veiled". Awesome. Congrats on what looks to be a great success in your corner.
    By the way, thanks for your comments on the "Inspiration" post on my saythiswrite blog. It's nice to know others can relate to these situations.

  8. Oh gosh, if that is true my heart hurts for that girl and her guy:(

    Debbie brings up a good point on the latest case, what about the embalming?

  9. Very creepy. . .even Stephen King can't best the horror this story conjures. I'm a bit claustrophobic, so this really sets my teeth on edge. Brrr....that's me shuddering.

  10. wow is that horrid. iiiiicccccckkkkk! Thank you for the nightmare I'm sure I'm going to have -
    just kidding. I find these things extremely interesting!

    LOVE your blog, by the way! Superb :)


  11. ...not my preferred way to go, buried alive. Ugh!