Tuesday, June 14, 2011


It is my honor to feature today a great book. Honor by Jaimey Grant

Lady Verena Westbridge would rather die than marry. When her father accepts the depraved Percival Winters on her behalf, flight seems her only option and entering into menial service the perfect hiding place. Resigning herself to serving her own kind for the rest of her life, she naively believes she is safe.

Lord Connor Northwicke arrives at a house party and rescues a young housemaid from the unwelcome advances of a brute. Feeling the need to be near her, he offers her friendship. But her disguise is undone and he must save her from her own father by doing the very thing she fears most. He must marry her.

But as Verena's past emerges in bits and pieces, fear threatens to overcome love. Verena must fight for her marriage...and her sanity.

While Jaimey writes what I consider to be "clean" romances, she also infuses her stories with what she calls an "edge".   This is usually in the form of a social or personal tragedy that though existed back in the Regency years of England, it was considered taboo and unspeakable.  You'll love how the characters deal with these issues in a time period appropriate manner.

Honor is the third book I've read from her, and I have to say, the stories are all fabulous and different.  The characters intermingle in each book, so once you read one of Jaimey's novels, you'll be eager to read the next and the next and the next! 

If you are a fan of Victoria Holt, you'll be a fan of Jaimey Grant.


  1. Great review! I haven't had the opportunity to read Grant's work, but now I have to. :) Also, thanks for stopping by, I'm glad to meet a fellow writer. But I'm not as far along as you-still rewriting, editing, revising and then rewriting again, lol! I don't think I'll ever be happy with it! Anyway, I read the sample of Veiled and I love your premise. Choosing sides before we ever leave the heavens-WOW! Intriguing! And the artwork for your cover is gorgeous! I hope your book makes its way into billions of hands. And BTW, I thought this was kinda cool, we are both Texans. I live about 45 mins from Dallas! :P

  2. Texas grows on you, at least it did on me!
    BTW, if you liked my cover, you can thank Jaimey as well! She is also the cover designer for TreasureLine Books & Publishing (our publisher). She also has her own business on the side www.anauthorstart.com
    She is very, very talented!

  3. Great site. I am a new follower and can't wait to read more. I will definitely be heading over to read the excerpt from your book. Donna

  4. Hope you like it Donna! Thanks for the follow.

  5. sounds like a good one! happy to have found your blog :)

  6. Thanks Alycia, your blog is beautiful.

  7. Wow, several Texans posting here :) It does kinda grown on you after a while!
    I love the cover and the book sounds great, it now is on my TBR list!

  8. Thanks Ashley! Hope your pile is not too long.