Thursday, June 9, 2011

SheKows Magazine Reviewed Veiled

SheKnows Magazine Book Review--VEILED

"I have always existed, not just me but all of us, the un-embodied spirits who wait to live." Dive into Veiled and you are suddenly thrust into an amazing world of life before life that you never knew existed. This thrilling supernatural fantasy novel by S.B. Niccum breathes life into a mythical realm which asks powerful questions about the nature of mankind and existence.


A unique twist on a popular theme, Veiled transports readers into an extraordinary world where spirits exist before life on Earth. But it is not what you might expect. The unborn spirits struggle with their pre-existence in the same way we mortals do. They laugh, they cry, they get depressed, they fall in love, they have arguments, they get in trouble and they even become involved in a war that endangers the future of their new planet.

Tess is an unborn spirit chosen by the Eternals for an important mission. During her training, she grows close to the kind and quirky members of her clan and falls in love with one special soul named Alex. But when she is tested by dark spirits, her own fears and insecurities rise to the surface and it is unclear whether she will be able to live up to her responsibilities and rise to the challenges set before her.

Amid the beautiful other-worldly landscapes of Veiled, the book addresses profound spiritual questions such as: Where did we come from? Do other worlds exist? Are our spirits eternal? And is death just another form of life? But it never comes close to being didactic or forcing the reader to swallow unsavory spiritual ideas. If anything, it opens up a world of fantasy that gives readers the opportunity to think about provocative questions and come to their own conclusions.

Step into the ethereal world of S. B. Niccum's Veiled and join Tess in her journey through pre-mortal existence. What will happen when she crosses the Veil into the next world? Will she remember the work she needs to do? Will she be reunited with her love? Will she remember who she really is?

I am so honored for this review!!!

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  1. Great review, Silvina - you have every right to be proud. Congratulations!

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  6. This is my first time at your blog and how fabulous that I get to hear about your book. I love the title Veiled it already had me intrigued, but then the COVER! Woohoo! Sounds fabulous, I am about to take a sneak peek at the first three chapters!

    What a fabulous review!

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  8. Sounds like a fascinating story! I can't wait to read the sample chapters.


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