Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ghost Encounters and Vampirish Experiences.

Join us today all day and swap ghost stories and weird vampirish experiences (Chupa Cabras count). 
We have a few of our own to share, some are true...some are can come, read ours and find out which is which.  There will also be many giveaways, so your chances of leaving this chat with something are high. 
Join authors Deanna Jewel, Teric Darken, Elizabeth Muller, Robin Renee Ray, Krisi Keley and myself TODAY in the LATTE LOUNGE


  1. I bet Elizabeth can come up with some scary stuff!

  2. Funny you said that, because she was pretty dang scary!

  3. I tried hard to think of any chupacabras experiences...but I seem to have forgotten all of them!

  4. Where did you get that picture? Wow!

    Shelly Brown

  5. It's cool isn't it? I got it from my new favorite website!