Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Some times I wonder if my children got computer classes in heaven. They seem to have come hard-wired to work that mouse and know instinctively how to surf the net. I was 21 when my room-mate called me to her room to show me this "new thing" called the Internet and e-mail. Nowadays instead of teaching our children to use the computer, we have to teach them what a record player is; and they look at you like you're some sort of pre-historic creature.

When I see this video I can't help think that perhaps this little girl (now a teenager)took a lot of art classes in heaven, before coming to Earth.

How about this other little girl who most likely was one of those angels who she now sings about...

Whatever our talents and gifts in this life might be, one thing I know for sure. They are God given and they are meant to be shared.