Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hunger Games: The Musical

I just saw these hilarious skits last night.
I thought they did a very good job summarizing the first two books of the trilogy. They accentuated the angst and anticipation of the question on everyone's mind (at least those who didn't read the books) as to who will Katniss choose? Why is Peeta such a great catch and why is Gale such a broodish hunk? Thor's brother none-the-less.


 And I also think you should follow up and see what Gale thinks about all this.


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Witch of Black Bird Pond

I found The Witch of Black Bird Pond while looking for historic fiction books for our homeschool History Through Literature class. 
The book came up at the bottom of the page as a "title you might also like". The most attractive thing about it was the price. It was free for those who have enrolled in Kidle Unlimited. 
The other attraction was the fact that it was a Newbery award winner. Always a good sign when looking for approved books.
Well, this award was not lost in this book. It was fabulous!  
It was enlightening glimpse into a Puritan colony of the late 1600's in Connecticut. 
The main character was so normal, so easy for anyone to relate with. Conversely, the Puritans were so stiff and so hard to relate to! 
The author did really did a great job of putting you (the reader) in that time and space. It's not hard to imagine how you would react if you were in the main character's situation.
The main character, Kit, is 16 yrs. old, but I think that any young girl could easily relate to her. I would read this to my seven year old, and I know she would be all about it. 
In fact, I will venture to say that any woman, of any age would enjoy this book thoroughly. 
Also, if you're looking for more freebies, and you are a Kindle Unlimited member, be sure to download my books!