Long Bio ~ A Tale of Two Continents ~

  I was born in Rosario, Argentina and at the age of fourteen my family immigrated to the United States.  To my mother's dismay, I hardly spoke English.  She had vested a lot of money and time sending me to private schools and English institutes hoping that I would learn the language, but I simply didn't care about it (I never thought I'd use it!).
All that changed when my family moved to the U.S. and I found myself being the only Latina with blond hair and blue eyes that didn't speak a word of English. 

Of course, everyone at West High School in Utah, thought that I was an exchange student from Sweden or something.  So my social life was not very happening.  This however drove me to books and long hours at the public library, reading in both English and Spanish (because their Spanish selections were lacking).

In my anger, one day, I vowed to learn English like a native.  Why in anger, you may ask? It was vexing I tell you! To fall through the cracks like I did! I wasn’t considered Latina, nor accepted by that crowd, I wasn’t American and I wasn’t an exchange student from Sweden either.  I was an Argentine in Utah (not many of us there). I put a lot of work into learning Enlish and this time I succeeded. Two years later, I could understand almost everything that people said to me and I could say almost everything that popped into my head.

I studied Spanish Literature at the University of Utah, because I felt like a traitor to "la raza" if I majored in English Lit.  When I turned 19 yrs. I went back to Argentina for a whole summer, not sure if I was ever coming back. I had a blast for the first month, but then … something strange happened. I realized that I was too American to be Argentine.  My best friend’s mom, who I greatly respect and admire, told me that my home would always be wherever I stood at that time.  “While you stand in my kitchen, you’re home,” she said while she passed me a Mate, (herbal tea from South America). Needless to say, I have applied her advice every day since that day, and have called many places home.  

Now I'm married and have three kids that I home school. Ever since my elementary school years I wanted to write, but when I moved to the U.S. I thought I had to put that dream to rest. One day, I realized that I didn't have to put that dream to rest. I decided to start writing again to show my kids that writing is fun and that you can follow your dreams. 
So here I am! I hope you enjoy my books!