Thursday, August 25, 2011

Put a Little Umbrella In Your Drink... and enjoy a book in your hand!

Stop by Put A Little Umbrella in your Drink  to read more reviews and for another chance to win Veiled. 

Also, I'm pleased to announce that for a limited time you can buy Veiled through my web site with no added shipping fees inside the U.S.! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

You Will Be Assimilated

I didn't post on the 22nd because I was having technical difficulties.  So late, as always, I'm posting today on this most awesome blog tour. 
I got into Star Treck when I was in college and by then The Next Generation was in full swing.  While I have to admit to knowing all those episodes by heart I have to say that TNG is not my favorite.  After watching all the Star Trecks ever made (a few times) I have to say that Voyager is my all-time favorite.  Why? The Borg and Seven of Nine. 
I loved her journey into humanity and her blunders as she tries to find her way back into de-assimilation. 
I also love how the metaphor of a whole culture being created by recruiting drones that all think alike. That is perhaps the main reason why I don't have cable and watch all my T.V. via Netflix! me paranoid or crazy...I don't care.  But I will NOT BE ASSIMILATED!

  Who is your favoite Star Treck Character?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

For The Love Of Books ~ Review and Giveaway.

I am very honored to be over at Nikki's blog For The Love Of Books where she has posted her review of VEILED and is giving away a Paperback or an E-copy of Veiled to one lucky commenter!
I would love it if you took a minute and stopped by!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Today's stop: Taking Time 4 Mommy

Taking Time 4 Mommy
Is featuring Veiled today with a review for you to read and a giveaway!
It's easy to enter,
so if you would like an e-copy for your
Kindle, Nook or any of your E-readers,
this is your chance!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

and the little ones, too

Today I'll be at Ashley's blog

And The Little Ones Too 

Stop by for another great interview, giveaway and review from Ashley!

Here's an excerpt from her review:

"So when I went into reading this book, I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve read books about God before and christian fictions but not a Christian Speculative Fiction. But I went into this book without an prior knowledge of what it covered. I was loved the book from the beginning. I love the character of Tess. She is the main character in the book and a good person to explain things since she is a discerner. Even as a spirit, you can tell that her gift helps her and doesn’t help her. I mean, she’s just like you and me… she denies feelings sometimes even though she can tell. I think that’s why I liked her so much.

"I was surprised by every turn; every chapter. Like I said, I didn’t know what to expect. I made sure I hadn’t read a single review or even the intro to the book before hand. I loved how she explained how Earth was made. It seriously made it real for me. Like I could see it in my head. It made me imagine about it like I was really there. That probably one of my favorite parts. I thought about every part of the book. It makes you think. I thought about everything covered in the bible. Another favorite part of the book is when Tess was an angel and helped people. It brought the bible alive for me. I thought about Angels helping in the past and currently, but never thought about it from their side. It was really cool."

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First two Stops, come aboard for two chances to win a copy of Veiled.

Our fist stop on this
 Heavenly Veiled Book Tour
is the wonderful
with a fun interview and
a giveaway
to one lucky commenter!

...and our second stop is
the fabulous
Freda's Voice Blog
yet another giveaway.
So, for those of you just itching to
get your hands on my
here's your chance!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

I'm going on Tour!

Please join me this month as I tour around the blogging world and introduce Veiled, with many, many giveaways along the way!

Also, I wanted to announce that the winner
for the Summer Blog Hop Giveaway
hosted by
I'm A Reader Not A Writer
and BookHounds
is Brenda Jean! 
I'll be in touch with you Brenda. 
Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you,
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If you still want to win a copy
follow me this month
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hop and Win

Check out my trailer for VEILED! 

This week I am participating in a huge blog hop, put on by I'm A Reader Not A Writer and Bookhounds.

I will be giving away a paperback copy of my book Veiled, so If you'd like t enter to win simply:
1-Follow my blog
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3-Leave me a comment with your contact info.
That's it! Happy Hopping!